Hammam - the latest in Spa trends


All around the world spa goers are increasingly seeking tradition, authenticity and an unforgettable experience when visiting a spa. They are looking for specific treatments that offer true results. The Eastern European and Middle Eastern Hammams are known to represent the latest of these trends.


Hammam refers to ancient traditional Moroccan beauty rituals that Moroccan women and men practiced for centuries. It starts with cleansing and refinement in a heated chamber that combines a vigorous full-body exfoliation by a therapist who uses a coarse mitt.


This is followed by a bubbly soaping and now often by a full-body massage with results that lasts for weeks. Anyone who has sampled this age-old ritual of purification will not be surprised by its rising popularity.


The steam of the Hammam allows pores to dilate, for a deep cleansing of the skin. The hot water and steam stimulate the energy points and relax the muscles. This latest trend is very popular worldwide as you can extend the time spent in the Hammam and enjoy this multi-circuit bathing experience for hours.


Top global spa builders and product manufacturers report a distinct increase in requests for a Hammam component in their new spa design.



Hammam: is from an Arabic word meaning bath. A Hammam consists of a hot room hararet, a warm, intermediate room and a cool room. These rooms are not ordinary rooms but typically architectural marvels.


Massage: is a word originating from the Arabic word mass, which means touch softly.


Kessa: is a loofa-like glove used to clean the sweaty skin.


Ghassoul: is typical Moroccan clay that can be found only in the Atlas Mountains. The word ghassoul derives from the Arabic word for washing ghassala.